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About Ty Salvant

Ty Salvant is a New Orleans native with a passion for marriage, education, self-care, family, and community. A blogger, homeschooling mom of 6, and avid volunteer, Ty relishes opportunities to share information, ideas, and inspiration. Ty is an instinctive mentor who is always willing to help others set out on journeys from marriage and parenting to homeschooling and self-care. Ty is available for author visits and would love to connect with you. Visit her on Facebook or Instagram at timewithtynola and visit her website,

A birthday tradition of sharing positive adjectives for the celebrant planted the seed of being intentional about the words we use with our children. Reading Beyond Pretty reignited the thought of instilling meaningful words from birth with her sixth child. Hence The Alphabet of You was born. She hopes this book inspires caregivers to nourish and encourage their children with various adjectives that speak to who they are or will become.

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