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The Alphabet of You

is a wonderful new book by Ty Salvant that invites us to be mindful of the words we use with the little people in our lives. Speaking positively impacts the way they see themselves!

What words are you using to describe your children?

Our words have a lasting impact on them, positively or negatively. I wish to inspire caregivers to nourish and encourage their children with various adjectives that speak to who they are or will become. 

Alphabet of You couples positive vocabulary words with pictures of children in a diverse, inclusive, and insightful collection. The book teaches vocabulary while instilling its empowerment through experiential visualization. Each word is accompanied by an image selected to not only broaden young vocabularies but also to broaden young minds. Just as a more extensive vocabulary offers more ways to speak about the world, the visual pairings in this book provide a broader lens through which to see the world. 

Our Kickstarter was funded!!!
Stay tuned for what's next.


I'm Ty Salvant

a Homeschool Mom, Indie Author, Philanthropist, Motivational Speaker, & Storyteller. 

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“By sharing a love of reading, modeling engaged reading, and accessing books that your child can’t read independently, you’ll be doing far more to advance their reading levels than the benefits a home assessment would yield.”

How to Use This Book

We might read the same book every night for weeks, so I love books where we can have various focal points. You could focus on the pictures asking your child how they think the child in the picture feels. Another time, you could focus on the ASL or alphabet- upper and lowercase. Of course, you can read the adjectives and their definitions. You could also ask them about times they exhibited one of the words. You could discuss why a child might be in a wheelchair so it is not an anomaly when they encounter it. Another conversation could focus on the diversity of hair, complexion, physical appearance, or ethnicity, acknowledging differences and focusing on commonalities. Also, the book's colors, shapes, and pictures make for excellent discussion. 


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