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The Alphebet of You

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Help us reach our goal of sending 5,000 copies of The Alphabet of You to children and families across the United States by joining our sponsor train today! Your sponsorship will enrich people's lives and encourage a healthy connection to personal power!

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How to Use This Book

We might read the same book every night for weeks, so I love books where we can have various focal points. You could focus on the pictures asking your child how they think the child in the picture feels. Another time, you could focus on the ASL or alphabet- upper and lowercase. Of course, you can read the adjectives and their definitions. You could also ask them about times they exhibited one of the words. You could discuss why a child might be in a wheelchair so it is not an anomaly when they encounter it. Another conversation could focus on the diversity of hair, complexion, physical appearance, or ethnicity, acknowledging differences and focusing on commonalities. Also, the book's colors, shapes, and pictures make for excellent discussion. 


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